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Hi, I'm Tim, an engineer, founder, leader and hacker. Here you'll find my articles, apps, projects and open source stuff

Unreal Game Design

Welcome to my Unreal 5.1 Game Design Tutorials. These tutorials will cover a wide range of topics from random/one off knowledge to entire game building tutorials. These articles will cover everything from initial setup to a number of fully coded, C++ features that you can use as is or as inspiration for any of your gaming needs.

The Unrealephant in the room

Q: Why yet another gaming tutorial?

A: I have yet to find a modern (Unreal 5.1), comprehensive, well structured and broken down tutorial that was focused around C++ and not blueprints, explained the _why_ behind the tasks and was not yet another slow, hard to skim and search Youtube tutorial. I have nothing against Youtube tutorials and have learnt a lot from them but I would much rather an in depth article, with clear pictures, link outs and appendices and I was not able to get that level of context, ease and detail as I was learning how to build a game.

All code contained within these tutorials is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Unreal General Topics

Unreal Interfaces

Serfs Up Tutorial

Together let's build and create a Single Player, Third Person Adventure Game called Serfs Up, set in Medievil England where you are a Serf, particpating in a number of chores, tasks and quests to keep your town and castle upkept.

Serfs Up 01 - Getting Started

Serfs Up 02 - Inventory

Serfs Up 03 - Inventory UI

Serfs Up 04 - Main Menu

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